The future of smart 3D - mapping and planning

Following information and ordering from a specific customer that the quality of the 3D model of the city is optimal and affordable, we can also create a model of the city or the desired souvenir form. With our partner companies, we can create city models at all levels of detail and flexibly perform photorealistic texturing according to customer specifications.

Cities change over time, new buildings are being built, existing ones are being expanded and old buildings are being demolished. Therefore, the digital model of the city must be updated regularly, usually every 2-3 years.

We are preparing city model data as print files customized for a limited space of 3D printers. As a result, even big-city models can be made of multiple printed circuit boards.

In the computer world, there are basically two types of models - 2D and 3D models. The difference between these models is the number of dimensions that are visible on the models. 2D models use two dimensions - length and height (x and y axis), while 3D models are shown in length, height and width (x, y and z axis). 3D models are a mathematical representation of an object called a model, and each 3D model is a mathematical record of vectors that a computer recognizes. The vectors listed contain point information that shows the 3D model on the screen. The process of creating 3D models via 2D or 3D graphics is called 3D modeling, which we can use for various purposes.

Our environment is changing day by day, and so the progress of technology is visibly increasing. Thus, we are witnessing the gradual progress of 3D technology and its use in everyday life. Although these technologies are newer, less widely used methods of communication with end users, 3D models should be very special and appealing to potential tourists and all people interested in a city. In addition to 3D city views, there are also 3D souvenirs from our area.

3D hiking trails
Hiking trails as a special souvenir, if you have won some of the most challenging trails for hikers you can now show your achievements and save them as a memory of the 3D map.