Jastrebarsko map

It’s been my pleasure to serve many hundreds of clients over 20 years with their custom mapping solutions

Jastrebarsko Map was developed as a traffic and tourist plan. The Jastrebarsko Map can be used for printing (leaflet, brochure, paper card, table map), as a wall map or for the purposes of a pan. For each of these purposes, the map is tailored to your needs. It is possible to order the plan of the wider area of ​​the city and its surroundings. We do the following types of maps / maps / press: tourist maps, hiking paths, biking trails, hiking maps, city maps, municipalities, cities.

Materials for making wallcards may be different depending on the customer's wishes and the purpose of the map.

Photo paper (single sided plasification)

Printing on photo paper with platstimulation can be written on the map and marked by writing and writing flakes. Application is in the business area where the map is an interactive part of the work of presenting employees and planning.


Tapping is a method of bonding the plotted map to a solid or flexible substrate if we want the map to be exposed as a hanging or self-contained tablet. Then we use marking and marking pins on the map, or we adhere to the metal base and magnets are used, and the map is mandatory and plastified in that case. Application is in the business area where the map is an interactive part of the work of presenting employees and planning.

KAPA line - a polyurethane foam board, coated in white paper, "classic" in the printing industry (5 and 10 mm thick), prints the chart directly onto the board.


Standard maps are equipped with wooden slats up and down, and at customer's request can be mapped whole map etc. The map is framed in aluminum elegant frame and is often used for decorative purposes in business premises.

As a business gift

Send us your logo in electronic form and you will get your "own" ticket that can be a very good gift for your business partners, it does not change the basic price! The map is a decoration that is part of the interior of each business space - use it for long-term advertising!

We handle your orders every working day from 8am to 6pm. You can contact us by email (info/at/cromaps.com), by phone 091 5926 585. For any questions and further consultation on mapping, maps or delivery we are at your disposal.

In Zagreb, the wall paper delivery is done by a delivery card, and the other deliveries are sent to HP Ekspres.

Jastrebarsko Map - Wall maps help you see the complete picture. From sales data to travel destinations our team of cartographers and designers will create a product tailored specifically to your brand and budget.