CroMaps & CroVison

CroMaps interaktivni izlogCroMaps & CroVison interactive showcase

According to research conducted by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPA), about 70% of the purchase decision is made on the spot. But no one paying attention to the old way of posters because they are static, do not change according to changing merchandise ... CroMaps interactive showcase

But ... Welcome to the future!

Imagine this ... šećete street passing store windows, and suddenly you notice that the images move on the glass!

Approach closer and closer look. No cables, no lasers, no keyboard ... nothing ... just a picture and your finger!

See only images on glass and your fingers to control their running ... revolutionary!

Is it possible detetktirati presence of people in front of the screen? Yes!

Interactive displays attracted the attention of more people and say them to view content? Yes, no doubt!

Brands, products and services are much more zamjećeni? Yes!

I imagine ... You control your video, pictures, text information, sound through windows ...

Where CroMaps & CroVison interactive showcase can instalrati?

The store displays where access from inside or outside, such as shops and commercial centers, banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, car showrooms, theaters, cinemas, museums, casinos, shows, fairs ...

All this is possible in the range of the diagonal of 51cm to 2.54 m.

Regardless of whether it is about the economy, politics, sports or culture, marketing is what will attract us to buy something, see or listen. Professional script has a built-in trigger that causes the style of behavior associated with an identity - a brand. Growing impact of new media, increasing the importance of promotion on the site offers and sales.