Croatian folklore

FolklorCroatian folklore can be subdivided into three fields according to its specific characteristics: the Panonian, the Dinarian and the Adriatic.

The Panonian lowlands - loose, comfortable and lavish male and female dress made mostly of flax and cotton cloth, and to a lesser extent of knitted and kneaded domestic wool, varying with regard to the cut and creases, as well as decorations. The costumes span from a simple modest one-coloured stitch, to the dense multiple ones featuring plant and animal decorations.

The garments are frequently decorated by leather attachments. The Dinarian mountain range - is characterised by costumes made of domestically spun and kneaded cloth. Sown decorations recede before those imparted during the process of weaving. Darker colours prevail (black, brown, red, purple, dark blue and dark green). More lavish costumes are decorated by golden and silver threads and huge silver filigree attachments (toke).

The Adriatic area - the old costumes are still worn on certain islands (Susak, Krk, Lastovo) or coastal parts (Konavli) and it is quite diverse: ranging from the female mini- costume (on the island of Susak) to lavish female maxi-dress in the Konavle region. Lavish creases and even more lavish lace are especially prominent on the costumes.