Sisak-Moslavina county

Grb Sisačko-Moslavačka županijaGeneral data:
Area: 4 468 km²
Population: 185 387 (2001.)
City: 6
Municipality: 13
Its capital is Sisak.

Sisak-Moslavina county - Sisacko-moslavacka zupanija is a county in central Croatia. It is named after the city of Sisak and the region Moslavina just across the river Sava. According to 2001 census it is inhabited by 185 thousand people.

This county also extends far to the south to the border with Bosnia, and in this southern part of the county one can find a small town of Topusko, which has another one of those spas typical for Central Croatia, although this one stands out with seniority: it dates back to the neolithic age.

The Sisak-Moslavina county borders on the Karlovac county in the west, Zagreb county in the north, Bjelovar-Bilogora county and Požega-Slavonia county in the northwest, and finally Brod-Posavina county in the east.