Town Vrbnik

Vrbnik - CroMapsVrbnik, a small town and harbour in the central part of the north-eastern coast of the island of Krk. The harbour is protected from all winds.

Smaller vessels may dock on the inner side of the breakwater, and the interior part of the harbour, with two smaller old stone piers, provides shelter for yachts.

Cultural and historical monuments

• Gradec by Risika
• Charter of 1388
• Vitezić’s library, with 15,000 volumes.
• The exceptionally valuable Atlas Scholasticus et itinerarius, by G.D. Kochlet, printed in Nürnberg, 1748.
• Parish Church of St Mary (1325), rich silverware, 12 missals and 12 parchment breviaries, two altar pieces
• Votive Church of Madonna of Health (1347)
• Remains of the Church of St Maurus, dating back beyond 1483
• In St Juraj’s (George’s) Bay, little church with frescoes
• Remains of city ramparts and the fortress of Glavina - Veli grad

Vrbnik - CroMaps