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Punat- CroMapsPuntarska draga: The wide, shallow bay that extends deep into the main land offers to boats and smaller ships good protection against all winds. It offers excellent conditions for sailing and, specially on the south-west part of the bay, for wind-surfing. Maximal allowed entrance speed to the bay is four knots. Fast boats and water-skiing are not allowed. The anchorage is possible on the north side of the island of Košljun.

Boats can be moored to the pier and stone wall while smaller ships and yachts in the Marina and in Brodogradilište (Shipyard), where repairs of the hull and motor can be done.

The island of Košljun with famous Franciscan monastery, is situated in the Puntarska draga bay which is ideal starting point to the islands of Kvarner ant to Dalmatian coast. Fantastic natural beaches between Punat and Stara Baška are accessible only from the sea.

Climate: Mild climate all year round. The "maestral" wind brings the freshness in the summer. Winter winds are bura (NE) and jugo(S). Average air temperature from May to October is 22°C, with yearly average of 14.4°C. The sun shines about 2,400 hours per year. There are 1,287mm of rain. This data prove Punat to be an ideal place for tourism. History: First traces of human settlements are from prehistoric era. These are followed by Illyrian, Greek and Roman remains.

The name of Punat comes probably from Greek word pons, which means "the bridge", as it is quite possible, that there was a bridge over the narrow entrance to the Puntarska draga bay. The documents from 1377 mention the town of Punat. Today, Punat has 1,600 inhabitants.

Cultural and historical monuments

• Church of Holy Trinity, 1777, with baroque cross from mid-17th century.
• Church of St Roko, 1855

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