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Opatija - CroMapsPlaced on Kvarner Gulf, Opatija arises under the Ucka Mountain (1400m); it is the biggest city of the Eastern coast of Istra and the most important touristic center, animated during all the year by concerts, operas, exhibitions and theatrical performances, sixty congress halls , endowed with excellent and large sporting and touristic structures, good restaurants and hotels. Opatija is surrounded by beautiful woods of bay laurel.

The whole sea-coast to the north and south of Opatija is rocky and picturesque, and contains several smaller winter resorts. Many of these late 19th-century luxury hotels and villas have survived to present times.

This town is also one of the most beautiful tourist localities on the Adriatic, the town of film dreams, with hotel facades decorated in various historic styles, with tourists strolling along the sunny quayside even in the course of winter months.

Given the relatively stable air temperatures (winter average 7,0 C, summer 21,9 C), the high air pressure and constant air circulation, Opatija's climate has a soothing and invigorating effect.

The night pleasures are ensured by a lot of bar, discos, dancing terraces, two casinos and, for gourmets, gastronomical evening! 

Opatija - CroMaps

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