Town Malinska

Malinska - CroMapsA picturesque, island, tourist resort, situated along a broad, wooded bay. Long standing touristic tradition, hospitality, pleasant climate abounding in sunny days, Mediterranean vegetation and clean sea have been appealing numerous guests here for over a century now.

Malinska offers its guests swimming in unpolluted sea, at public beaches as well as at secluded, intimate ones, swimming pools, long seaside strolls - including the best known promenada, Rajska cesta - the Paradise Road.

As about entertainment, one may choose between attending traditional-music concerts, various cultural and sports events or exibition, or excercise water-sports, fishing, hunting, tennis, riding, or  enjoy discoteques, night-bars, dancing terraces, or visit numerous nearby excursion sites, or try the local gastronomy. Or may just do some shopping !  Yachtmen are provided with specialised shops, services and  yacht-crane.

Cultural and historical monuments

The nucleus of the place comes from the 12th century, around the little church of St Apollinare, which in the 15th century was working as a parish church for the area as far as St Martin on Punta Pelova.

• Parish Church of Our Lady of Carmel in Bogovići (17th c.) with the main altar from the old church
• The altar of Our Lady of Carmel, 1644
• The Chapel of St Andrew of Žgombići, Romanesque style, probably from rebuilding in 1454

Malinska - CroMaps

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